Frequently Asked Questions

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Our expertise alone saves you time and money on internal resources. Add to that our hands-on approach to client service: Unequaled in our industry.
Actually, it usually costs less. We are paid directly by the carriers, plus, we negotiate better-than-market rates on most services across providers.

In most cases, your invoice will come directly from the supplier or suppliers we help you select to deliver your services. 

Your appointed project manager will be your point of contact for all questions and issues. We interface directly with carriers on your behalf.
Reach out to us by phone or email in the Contact us section of the site. We’ll get back to your right away!
When customers are looking to buy telecom and IT solutions they have two options. The first is to buy directly from a carrier rep. Rep’s live off of quotas where the team at SUMO Communications doesn’t. Carrying a quota can mean they try and sell you a solution that isn’t necessarily the right solution for your business. Remember, they can only sell you one brand. Of course they will tell you their products and solutions are the best. While that may be true, it’s always good to bring a few options to the table.

The difficulty for IT Directors is the time it takes to cut through the BS when every provider says they are the best at everything. More often than not we hear customers mention they feel forgotten about since the carrier rep sold them a solution. We love carrier reps and think there are a lot of good ones out there but a consultant has your best interests in mind.

Your second option is work for an un-biased consultant in SUMO Communications. We don’t care what you buy or the carrier you’re buying it from, as long as it helps solve a problem for your business. We have been around for 17 years. Our customers are the only people we answer to.

We aren’t obligated to pitch a certain provider or solution or fit a square peg in a round hole. We will be around for the long term and we want to build a relationship with our customers before, during, and long after any solution they source through us. When customers use SUMO Communications as their trusted adviser, they have the peace of mind knowing that we will roll up our sleeves to make sure they receive what they are promised by the carriers.