Data Centers

Secure, reliable, global data center products for any industry’s IT infrastructure needs

There are over 3500 Data Centers in 105 different countries around the world. With over 1400 in the US alone. And they vary greatly. We have toured more data centers around the world than most of our competitors combined.  Our experience enables us to place our clients in the facilities that fit their specific needs. From geography to power infrastructure to security, we can help identify the right Colo and negotiate pricing that you can be confident is industry best.

Contact Center

No matter your location or seat size, we work for you to find the right software solution to help your contact center run as efficiently as possible. SUMO Communications is certified and works with all of the leading providers: Nice inContact, Five9, Genesys, talkdesk, Serenova, Sharpen, New Voice Media, 8×8 and many others.

Here at SUMO, we work with a variety of organizations to help them optimize their customer experience by defining pain points with their current technology and find solutions to address or replace that technology. Time and time again, we find that the company is limping along with what they have – trying to make their PBX, premise based or Hosted, do things it was not designed to do.   We know these organizations are missing out on revenue – and an improved customer experience.


Keeping you connected to your core

Your network is the core of your business. At SUMO Communications, our goal is to empower the network enabled enterprise. With the right solution, your organization can grow faster and operate more efficiently, while simultaneously keeping data safe and secure. We work with you to create the ideal combination of solutions and support to make it happen.