Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) allows you to merge voice, video and data on a single network. It also allows you to send traffic to any site on the network while prioritizing its delivery.

With a wide variety of options and service providers available, setting up an MPLS network can be complicated.

At Sumo Communications, we help you figure out the best fit according to your global locations, size of the network required and the capacity needed at each site. We represent over 20 MPLS providers and each varies greatly in terms of coverage, capacity and service level.

Because service providers frequently buy circuits from each other to complete large MPLS networks, identifying the underlying service provider is critical. Whether it’s 3 sites or 300, we have access to the service providers’ on-net building lists and fiber maps, which gives us the ability to identify those providers best positioned to meet your MPLS needs.