Data Centers

Secure, reliable, global data center products for any industry’s IT infrastructure needs

There are over 3500 Data Centers in 105 different countries. 1400 in the US alone. And they vary greatly. We have toured data centers all over the world and believe that we would recommend about 10% of those to our customers. Our experience enables us to place our clients in the facilities we recommend to fit their specific needs.

Not all Data Centers were created equal. Experience of the staff, power, cooling variables, connectivity options and age of the technology range broadly from facility to facility. Not to mention, cost varies as well. It is a combination of these components which sets some data centers apart from others. We at Sumo help our clients understand the options in order to compare facilities and select the one that suits their needs best. Whether you are in finance, eCommerce, technology, media, gaming, retail, real estate or any other high demand industry, we help you choose the right services with the right providers to maximize performance, efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

As you grow and your needs change we can help you navigate the marketplace and help you analyze all your options. We keep you informed serve as your trusted advisor and advocate to help you buy smarter.