Frequently Asked Questions

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Why go with Sumo Communications?
Our expertise alone saves you time and money on internal resources. Add to that our hands-on approach to client service: Unequaled in our industry.
Won't it cost me more to use Sumo Communications?
Actually, it usually costs less. We are paid directly by the carriers, plus, we negotiate better-than-market rates on most services across providers.
How will I be invoiced?
In most cases, your invoice will come directly from the supplier or suppliers we help you select to deliver your services.
Who do I call when I have a question about my services?
Your appointed project manager will be your point of contact for all questions and issues. We interface directly with the carriers on your behalf.
How do I get started?
Reach out to us by phone or e-mail in the Contact Us section of the site. We'll get back to you right away!

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