5 Signs You Have A Need For Call Center Software

More often than not, when people hear the term ‘call center’ they envision a large room filled with rows of cubicles. In their minds, call centers are reserved for large companies that have thousands of interactions from their customers each day. Surprisingly, call centers or ‘contact centers’ are implemented in smaller companies that may not only manage customer service, but also sales and marketing campaigns. For reference, call centers can also be referred to as contact centers, customer service, service delivery, help desk, client services, and customer care.

Perhaps you already have some type of call center functionality like a phone system that does a little routing. Is that phone system you purchased a few years ago really helping you reach your business goals?

Here at SUMO, we work with a variety of organizations to help them optimize their customer experience by defining pain points with their current technology and find solutions to address or replace that technology. Time and time again, we find that the company is limping along with what they have – trying to make their PBX, premise based or Hosted, do things it was not designed to do. We know these organizations are missing out on revenue and an improved customer experience.

Here are 5 signs you have a need for call center software:

1. Your High Call Volume is Getting Out-of-Hand
What happens when you get more calls than your customer service reps can handle? You have long hold times, and customers are becoming increasingly frustrated. Which leads to decreased job satisfaction for the customer service rep. And from a business perspective, you could literally be leaving revenue “on the line” if the customer is purchase-ready. Call center software can provide ‘call back’ options for the customer as well as provide you the forecasting you need so you’re ready for when peak call times occur.

2. You’re Transferring Customers to Different Departments
Or worse yet, even providing the customer a DIFFERENT number to call. By not having an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in place, you’re allowing your customers to bounce through multiple folks before they can get their problem resolved.

3. You’re Not Using Your Data to Create Business Strategies
If you have a traditional premise based or hosted PBX, you can probably pull raw data and get access to some call statistics. However, how to read that data and develop actionable plans and processes to improve your business is much more difficult. By adding call center software, you can have meaningful analytics about your customer’s journey and how your marketing efforts relate to what’s happening in the call center.

4. You’re Customer Service Reps Keep Leaving
None of us can expect to keep an employee for their entire career, however, if your customer service reps are cycling out every 6-12 months, you probably have some areas you can improve. Churn is one of the highest cost factors in running a call center. Contact center software also offers ways to manage your workforce more effectively. Call center agents can now have more control of their schedule, better training, performance coaching, and recognition. All these improvements can be created by implementing Workforce Optimization technology.

5. You Have a Customer Database, but it’s not Really Integrated to the Call Center
Are your customer service reps using multiple screens and software platforms? Gone are the days of “can I please have your account number?” We are now living in a world where desktops can be unified, customer information can literally ‘pop’ up for the agent to view, and your front-line can have the customer’s full journey all at their fingertips. Integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with contact center software is a game-changer when it comes to customer satisfaction.

After reviewing this, hopefully you were able to identify if you have a need for call center software or that you recognized a need to change the software you currently have in place. If you’re still not sure or would like to learn more, give us a call at 855-979-7866. SUMO is certified with all of the major Magic Quadrant providers and our team has helped clients time and time again on selecting and implementing the right call center software for their organizations.